Scary times: Myrtle Beach Halloween store sees shortage in supplies from big manufacturers

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Halloween stores are noticing a shortage in products as the demand for costumes and decorations rises.

At Imaginations Costumes and Dance in Carolina Forest, the owner says Halloween makes or breaks the business, and this year the store is seeing a shortage in supplies because of shipping problems and the uncertainty of COVID-19.

“We do get people coming in, and we don’t have what they’re looking for, but I think they’ve been to the other stores and they’ve seen, ‘OK there’s nothing else,’” Shanna Coley, the owner of Imaginations Costumes and Dance, said.

Coley said part of the shortage comes from shipping problems suffered by large manufacturers, who provide costumes to big-box stores.

“I think that another reason there were some shortages was because COVID was still going on and there was a lot unknown,” she said. “The manufacturers didn’t have their big shows, so I’m sure that put them behind as well.”

Luckily, Coley said her business has an advantage over the temporary stores.

“We are fortunate there’s a lot of companies we order from that are unique, that these big stores don’t have, and so that leaves us with an advantage there,” she said.

And as a business that stays open year-round, the spooky season is what keeps her store operating.

“They are 100% what keep us going year-round. Halloween is our make-or-break time,” Coley said. “If people don’t come in to shop now, then December we might not be here.”.

While there is a shortage of some of products, the store hasn’t noticed a decline in sales yet. Coley said she’s fortunate to have these other companies to keep her inventory full. 

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