SOUTH CAROLINA (WBTW) – The South Carolina DMV recently started a new program aimed at getting parents more involved in the learning process for teen drivers. 

The new program is called the Parent’s Supervised Driving Program. South Carolina state law requires teens to have at least 40 hours of adult-supervised driving before they can obtain their driver’s license, and this new program provides a guide for parents to help them learn. 

“We have the book that teaches the parents what to do before they ever put the child behind the wheel,” said South Carolina DMV Inspector General, Karl McClary. “And then it goes into what we call the ‘teen dangers,’ which is not wearing a seat belt, driving under the influence, distracted driving.” 

McClary, said even though many parents are experienced drivers, it’s not always easy trying to teach your child what you know. He recently went through the learning process with his children.  “When it came down to teaching him how to drive, I was kind of lost,” said McClary. “So when Safe Road Alliance came to us and told us about this program, I was like ‘this is exactly what I needed when I was trying to do this for myself.’” 

McClary said you can also download the Road Ready app to help track the progress of your teen’s driving. You can find the Parent’s Supervised Driving Program guide by clicking here and typing in “PSDP”. You can also pick up a hard copy at any certified driving school.