SLED against legalizing medical marijuana and talks concerns about CBD products

Grand Strand

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC)- SLED spoke to Myrtle Beach city council today about why the agency opposes medical marijuana, and their concerns about CBD products sold along Ocean Boulevard.

SLED said it’s against medical marijuana because it’s not prescribed by a physician or regulated by the FDA.

Major Frank O’neal with the SLED narcotics division told city council medicine should not be passed based on popular vote or legislation. He said true science should be decide what true medicine is. Medical marijuana bills have been proposed in the state legislature for the past four years, but have failed to pass.

SLED thinks the legalization of medical marijuana will divert into recreational use.

“Nobody is turned away from a medical marijuana card anybody that applies would be able to get it and that’s whats happening in other states,” said Major Frank O’neal.

SLED also discussed concerns about CBD products sold along the Grand Strand. Major O’neal said CBD oil was passed in 2014 by the legislature and allows for point 9 percent THC. 

He said SLED now has instruments to test CBD products to make sure they stay within the regulated dosage.

“CBD oil is not regulated and we’re having problem across the country where people are overdosing because there is no regulation of what is exactly in the containers they sell as CBD oil,” said Major O’neal.

SLED got the cbd testing tools last year and will use them across the state.

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