Some in Carolina Forest want more police presence following shooting

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HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) Some residents in Carolina Forest say they’d like to see more police presence in their neighborhood following a shooting that happened on Hayseed Way Friday night.

During the 14 years Randy Bryan has lived in The Farm development, he says he has seen the kind of crime that occurs in most neighborhoods, but nothing like Friday night’s shooting.

“Anytime that you hear about a shooting, you’re obviously concerned about what’s transpiring in your neighborhood, Bryan said.

Horry County police say someone fired a gun into a home on Hayseed Way at around 11:25 Friday night. According to the police report, one person inside the home was hit.

“The real concern I have about anybody firing a weapon in a highly developed neighborhood where homes are close together is that a bullet, fired in whatever direction, nobody really knows where that bullet could end up, Bryan said.

Residents in The Farm have a neighborhood watch group, but they say that’s not enough to keep the community safe. 

“Police, because of lack of personnel or being understaffed, do not patrol this neighborhood very well, Bryan said.

According to Horry County police, two officers patrol the Carolina Forest area per shift, in addition to a fluctuating number of shift supervisors who assist with calls, as well as Street Crimes officers and members of the Community Outreach Team during certain times.

While Bryan says he still feels safe living in his neighborhood even after Friday night, he has questions about who fired the gun and why.

“That presents a very serious threat to anybody in the neighborhood, even if it might happen a block away, that bullet could easily travel a block and hit an innocent person, Bryan said.

So far, police have not made any arrests related to this incident.

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