Some Longs residents still unsure of where to get mail 4 days after Post Office fire

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LONGS, S.C. (WBTW) — Some Longs residents say they’re still unsure of where to get their mail four days after a fire heavily damaged the Longs Post Office.

No one was injured in the fire Friday night, but now many residents are left wondering what to do.

Angela Waltimyer said she’s at the Post Office a couple times a week.

“It was shocking,” Waltimyer said. “Just went up in flames.”

Video from a News13 viewer showed the two-alarm fire that sent flames and smoke shooting into the air. The damage from the fire was so bad that operations at the Post Office were halted at the location.

“A lot of these businesses get their mail from there, packages, everything they need, so now we got to wait till everything gets back in order,” Marissa Hayes said.

USPS said door delivery will still be maintained and residents who have P.O. Boxes will need to go to the North Myrtle Beach location for pickups.

One resident said they live in a community that has all mailboxes located in a mailroom. They said they were told keys to the room are in the Post Office, so the mail carriers are unable to deliver their mail.

USPS said it’s working to get a mobile unit up and running and P.O. Boxes installed outside of the Longs building.

“People will be able to come up to the window like you order your chicken wings and french fries at a food truck,” USPS Spokesperson Rick Badie said. “You’ll come up, have your ID ready, and they will retrieve your mail for you.”

Badie said there isn’t a count yet on how much mail was lost in the fire, but a letter was sent to residents with directions on what to do if they feel they had mail inside at the time. He said residents can use the letter as a way to explain potential late fees or financial issues due to non-delivery of mail.

“Post Offices are like the heartbeat of the community in a lot of respects and we feel our customers’ pain and are trying to do as much as we can, as quick as we can, to get things back to normal,” Badie said.

Badie said the USPS hopes to have the mobile unit and P.O. Boxes up and running by the end of the week.

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