Some people in Cherry Grove are riding out the storm

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CHERRY GROVE, SC (WBTW)- Some people in North Myrtle Beach are choosing to ride out the storm. 

The main message from North Myrtle Ceach city officials is to leave. City officials say the about 70 percent of the Cherry Grove area has evacuated.

North Myrtle Beach officials warn people about the major impacts from the storm surge, huge amounts of rain, and high winds.

Police will come around Thursday to tell people they need to evacuate, but they can’t force anyone to leave.

There has been some last minute prep making sure properties are boarded up and have sand bags surrounding them.

Some people in the Cherry Grove area are planning to stay and said they are prepared to hunker down.

“We decided to stay. We don’t know if we leave, when and if we’ll be able to get back so im not happy with the latest forecast,” said Fran Vitarelli.

“If I leave I cant get back in so I figured id just ride it out and see what happens,” said Mark Straub.

Officials also warn once winds hit 50 mph, first responders will be able to come out.

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