MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The South Carolina House has given key approval to a bill that makes it easier to have beer and wine delivered to homes and to pick up alcoholic drinks with curbside service.

The bill applies to restaurants and bars but does not apply to breweries.

Tidal Creek Brewhouse CEO Adrian Sawczuk said he feels it is unfair that breweries don’t get to deliver wine and beer to homes and offer alcohol curbside services.

“It quite honestly puts us at an unleveled playing field,” Sawczuk said. “When you take a look at other FMB establishments they are allowed to deliver alcohol and we are not. If you are at home and want some alcohol and food delivered you are not going to call a brewery to do it because they can’t deliver alcohol. You are going to call a bar or a restaurant.”

Brook Bristow, an alcohol attorney in Charleston said the bill is intended to help businesses across the state.

“It’s meant to be kind of a big assistance to the food and beverage industry which has undergone has rough time during the last year in response to COVID,” Bristow said.

At Fiesta Mexicana, General Manager Gabriel Hernandez said he believes this bill can benefit his restaurant in many ways.

“Majority of our sales come from beer, wine and alcohol or liquor but it can definitely be something that can help business,” Hernandez said.

“All establishments that have that have a beer and alcohol license should be treated equally,” Sawczuk said.

“With a lot of breweries holding those permits that might be an issue for the department of revenue to decide down the line and interpreting that as we see they are excluded on one hand but the other hand we have this permit that would allow this. How does that shake out?”

Bristow said it is not known why breweries are not included in the bill. The bill still has to make its way to the state senate.