South Carolina may ban naming streets after living people

Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – South Carolina roads, bridges, and other landmarks may be banned from being named after living people.

Following another public official’s arrest, a proposal to ban naming landmarks after living people was brought up after former Department of Transportation Commissioner John Hardee was sentenced and charged with violating federal probation.

Hardee violated his federal probation by attempting to destroy evidence in an FBI investigation.

The proposal has officials considering to remove Hardee’s name from the John Hardee Expressway.

While some state officials say the proposal is needed to take action and fix the reoccurring situation, others think the action is too strong as it is wrong to wait to recognize someone’s service until they die.

“Sometimes for a living person the best honor you can give them is naming the street after them so it is something they can enjoy in their lifetime,” retired Air Force Coronel Joe Barton said.

Barton Circle was named after Joe Barton, an influence in Myrtle Beach and the Air Force who says these street signs are an honor and symbol of sacrifice.

“It’s something they can show their families and their children, something for them to be proud of,” Barton said.

Barton says he believes a special contribution or sacrifice earn the honor of a dedicated landmark at any time.

“Whether you name a street after someone who is dead or alive, if that person has contributed, if he has done something really good that deserves an honor.”

The proposal would not affect landmarks already named after living people.

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