South Carolina National Guard works to finish sandbag barrier along Hwy 501

Grand Strand

CONWAY, SC (WBTW)- SC DOT and the National Guard are building a sandbag barrier on Highway 501 near the Waccamaw River and Lake Busbee.

Each sandbag weighs one metric ton, and 150 to 200 South Carolina National Guard members are working to place 2 miles of sandbags on Highway 501 along Lake Busbee to Brown Drive.

“Since we started working on the bridge its been pretty rough 12 to 24 hour shifts, and a lot of the troops down there haven’t had a hot shower or such since then,” said Staff Sgt. Travis Hickman.

National Guard members say getting this project done is crucial.

“We’re staged here to save the power plant so people will continue to have power. It’s a major asset in the area and that’s why the whole guard is basically being pushed here for this,” said Sgt. Hickman.

All the guard members here call the Carolinas home.

“Our unit is in northern South Carolina, so we can from up there since we had less likely to flood to help areas that will be impacted,” said Lt. Reese Stoneburner.

When they got the call, they were more than ready.

“All the guys here you can ask any of them. They all signed up for this and they want to help their local populous though everyone is pretty pumped when we get to come out and be able to help people,” said Lt. Stoneburner.

“It what we train for and it’s what we want to do,” said Sgt. Hickam.

The National Guard hopes to finish Tuesday. One they’re done with the project they will stay in the area and help anyway they’re needed.

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