Southern strand of storms floods Surfside yards

Grand Strand

One Surfside resident and his wife have watched their yard go underwater for a few years now when storms like Friday’s hit.

The Laquitara’s live on Pine Street in Surfside Beach, and they say that they were standing in water in their yard Friday morning when those storms hit.

They say this isn’t the first time that something like that’s happened when storms like this hit.

“I’ve had it as high as 6 inches from my front porch,” said Aaron Laquitara.

He says the drains are not holding the water, and the water runs up to his house.

When storms hit like the Southern strand of storms this week, the Laquitara’s yard is flooded within an hour.

“Well, you feel threatened every time it happens, you don’t know if it’s coming in the house,” said Laquitara. “I have side doors here going into a breezeway. I keep them, like sandbags and stuff, in front of them and I never take them down because I never know what’s going to happen with the rain.”

Flooding also put his yard underwater in both 2017 and 2018.

“My whole front yard’s been flooded,” he said. “That white car today was about floating. It was parked in another yard.”

He says he’s reached out to the town and they’ve tried to fix the problem by digging the ditch deeper and by spraying weed killer.

But, the ditch is now full of stagnant water and is too deep for water to reach the drain to flush out.

“They need to fix the drainage if they’re going to keep allowing houses to go up around here,” said Laquitara.

Laquitara says he isn’t sure when the town will have a solution for this, but until then, yards like this in Surfside will continue to flood.

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