Storage properties can be vulnerable to theft, how law enforcement says to keep your unit secure

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CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Law enforcement in our area warns of storage property theft as it is a crime they see almost weekly. 

Officials with the Horry County Police Department say storage facilities can be vulnerable to theft and encourage those who store belongings or RVs to visit before deciding on a storage facility.

Mikayla Moskov, spokesperson for HCPD, says when visiting a storage facility, look for things like security cameras, fencing and what type of locks are used.

The most important thing people can do to make sure their property stays safe is visiting often.

“People don’t go there very frequently,” Moskov says. “They think you can put your items in there and they’ll be there when you return. What we want people to know is they should be checking on those items more frequently. Go in, make sure you know exactly what is in there so you know exactly what goes missing.”

While not all storage facilities in our area use cameras and fencing, Moskov said more storage businesses are starting to require two locks.

Moskov adds, many people who store RVs, also store other belongings inside. While many storage properties do allow this, she says it’s important for people to make sure the windows are rolled up, the doors are locked and all stored items are not in view of the RV windows.

Kristos Bardascini, an employee at StoreSmart Self-Storage in Conway, says they use security cameras, do a daily walkaround to make sure nothing looks amiss, use coded gates and have someone who lives on site.

“It’s what gives people peace of mind,” Bardascini says. “People assume when they leave their stuff here, its going to be here when they get back. So if that’s the case, the whole trust process is broken.”


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