Stumped?: 10 Myrtle Beach-inspired Halloween costume ideas

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Need some Halloween inspiration? Take a look around the beach. 

Look, costumes are a pain to decide on every year. What if it’s sold out? What if it’s a pun so bad that no one gets it? What if everyone shows up as Superman?

If you’re searching for a unique idea, try something that every Myrtle Beach local will recognize.

Here are 10 Myrtle Beach-inspired costume ideas:

  1. SkyWheel

Grab some twinkly lights, and you’re halfway there! Almost nothing is as iconic to Myrtle Beach as the SkyWheel. Give this idea a spin, and be sure to include some of the upgrades the Ferris wheel included for its ten-year anniversary.

  1. Tourist

Slather on the sunscreen, grab a golf cart and try out a confused expression, and anyone will know to stay away from you for the summer. For extra points, put on your most obnoxious, cheap shirt.

  1. Sea turtle

Flip out over the most adorable creature on the beach. Wear a green outfit, get a shell, and be sure that humans keep a respectful distance from you at night.

  1. Brookgreen Gardens sculpture

If it exists, there’s probably a sculpture of it at Brookgreen Gardens! With more than 2,000 sculptures on the historical site, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found – as long as you’re not afraid of a little body paint. 

  1. Construction cone

They’re bright orange. They’re obnoxious. They may as well become the official city flower.

It’s the perfect costume if you’ve delayed making a decision. Buckle up, we’re going to be here a while. 

  1. King Kong

Bring a little New York City to Myrtle Beach by suiting up as another icon – the Hollywood Wax Museum’s King Kong. If you need more ideas, try dressing up as your favorite celebrity, and then staying very, very still. 

  1. Lifeguard

Sunscreen and chill? This might be one of the easiest costumes to throw together. Grab a whistle, your swim trunks and maybe a floatie or two, and enjoy the waves.

  1. Chanticleer

Normal roosters are so basic. Go teal and show your Coastal Carolina pride by rocking Horry County’s favorite team. 

  1. Golfer/Golf ball

Whether normal or mini golf is your style, this is a costume you can have a lot of fun with. Try a golf ball, or a mini golf windmill, or, if you want to put in minimal effort into your outfit, grab a club and a polo shirt.

  1. Alligator

Are you more of a later gator? This is another costume that’s easy to throw together. Try on some green, get a tail and you’re ready to sulk around.

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