SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Surfside Beach Fire Department said they need more water pressure to help fight fires faster in the community.

In doing so, they are working with the Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority to upgrade the underground water lines from two inches wide to six inches wide. Officials say this will increase the amount of water they’re getting by 200 percent.

The department also needs to add six new fire hydrants that will connect to the upgraded water lines. This allows firefighters to work faster in putting out flames, because they will have more water sources available and more water per minute with increased pressure.

“It’ll help us reduce the amount of damage being done to a home,” said Captain Prentice Williams with the Surfside Beach Fire Department. “Whenever we hook up to a hydrant, we’re able to put water on a fire instantly, versus having to lay a line one thousand or more feet before we’re able to hook up to a hydrant.”

The department is looking to get the funding for this project approved by council for the upcoming fiscal year. The cost for three of the six hydrants is $37,000, and Captain Williams said they are hoping to have those installed by the end of the year.