Surfside Beach Pier reconstruction cost to increase by $1.3 million. Here’s why

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SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The reconstruction of the Surfside Beach Pier has increased by $1.3 million, the town council was told during a presentation on Tuesday.

The cost is attributed to reverting to an original design and changing some of the structure from steel to concrete. The town had accepted an alternative design that would have saved about $1.3 million in construction. But the alternative was not approved by the EPA and other public agencies that have given the town $10 million for the pier. 

The less expensive alternative design involved a frame built out of steel with concrete poured into it, explained Mayor Bob Hellyer. The original design, however, involves drilling socket holes in the ocean floor and bringing in large concrete pylons, and inserting them into the sockets. 

By using the concrete pylongs, which need to be made elsewhere and delivered to Surfside Beach, then insterted into the sockets, the structure should last about 50 years.

The town still might be able to cut that expense by the time they do some value engineering, Hellyer said. “We don’t have all the final answers right now, but progress on the pier is not stopping in the meantime.” 

The full demolition of the old pier is complete, and constructing the podium structure of the pier is underway.

Groundbreaking on the project began in December after a four-year wait. The pier, originally built in 1953, was destroyed during Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Reconstruction was projected to take 18 months to complete.

The reconstruction was originally budgeted by $14.6 million. The town received more than $9 million in federal funds from FEMA for the project.

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