SURFSIDE BEACH, SC – (WBTW) – Surfside Beach held a runoff election for town council on Tuesday.  The results show that Debbie Scoles won the seat for town council.

Polls closed at 7 p.m., Tuesday evening.  The two candidates up for the seat are incumbent Tim Courtney and Debbie Scoles.  Scoles was a write-in candidate.

Unofficial results earlier in April showed three candidates, David Pellegrino, Bruce Dietrich and Debbie Scoles, won the three available seats with a majority. However, the town says the candidates in third and fourth place, Debbie Scoles and incumbent Tim Courtney, went head to head for the remaining seat.

There was a discrepancy because procedures change when there is a declared write-in candidate. Scoles ran as a write-in candidate and there was some confusion as to whether votes for her should count towards the overall total which is used to determine a majority.

Here is a breakdown of the total number of votes for each candidate:

Debbie Scoles: 449

Tim Courtney: 259