Suspect found after ducks shot with blow darts in Murrells Inlet

Grand Strand

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has found a suspect they believe is responsible for shooting two ducks with blow darts in Murrells Inlet. 

According to Lt, Robert McCullough with SC-DNR, the suspect is a minor and officers are talking with the family over the matter. The incident will be handled in family court. 

Kimberly Cerimele with Carolina’s Water Fowl, says one duck was shot in the head and another in the neck. Both are still alive and still able to fly. 

It was heartbreaking because it’s hard to believe someone is actually that heartless to want to hurt an animal, Cerimele said.

Cerimele says she has been trying to rescue them since Thursday but because they can fly it has been hard to catch them. 

The ducks have been spotted in ponds at the International Club in Murrells Inlet. Cerimele says she and other volunteers will try again to capture the ducks so they can be seen by a veterinarian. 

We ask the public to keep their distance from these birds so they don’t scare them off from this area, because there’s a good chance that if we keep coming out here and scaring them, they’re never gonna come back, Cerimele said.

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