‘Swamp Fox’ roller coaster too rough, lacks adequate warnings, lawsuit says

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Woman sues Family Kingdom amusement park

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – An Horry County woman is suing the owner of a Myrtle Beach roller coaster because she says the ride was too rough and dangerous without adequate warning.

Kelly Jacobs claims in a lawsuit filed Wednesday she was injured when a wooden roller coaster called Swamp Fox at Family Kingdom “rose up off the tracks and slammed back down again,” aggravating her prior back injuries.

Her lawyer, in the complaint, states Family Kingdom on Ocean Boulevard has an obligation to operate its amusement park in a “reasonably prudent manner so as not to endanger their guests and patrons.”

She also claims the park failed to adequately warn customers about the Swamp Fox roller coaster being significantly more dangerous than a typical roller coaster.

According to the suit, Jacobs rode the roller coaster on June 9, 2018. She had a history of back problems but said she has ridden many roller coasters without problems.

“However, the Swamp Fox coaster was much more rough than a normal roller coaster, and in fact rose up off the tracks and slammed back down again, aggravating Plaintiff’s prior back injuries,” Jacobs’ attorney states in the suit.

She says there was no warning about the roller coaster being more dangerous than a typical roller coaster and the park created “an unsafe condition” by building and maintaining the roller coaster.

Jacobs said she required medical care and will continue to suffer pain and permanent disfigurement for the rest of her natural life.

She is asking for compensation for her personal injury damages and punitive damages as determined by the court and a jury.

News13 reached out to Family Kingdom and the business has no comment at this time.

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