“The county faces an irreparable injury and a miscarriage of justice…”: Horry Co. asks for stay while appeal is processed in hospitality tax fight

Grand Strand

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Horry County has asked for a stay while their appeal is processed in the hospitality tax case, saying in part “the county faces and irreparable injury and miscarriage of justice from the lack of security.”

A court imposed an injunction to stop Horry County from collecting hospitality taxes for municipalities in the county on June 21 and July 10, according to the motion to stay. On July 11, the county appealed the court’s decision.

“This court, however, has the power to stay the injunction while the appeal is pending,” the motion also said. “And the court should do so to prevent irreparable harm to the county and to avoid a miscarriage of justice.”

The county adopted the hospitality fee after the state department of transportation issued it’s first RIDE Report in September 1996, the motion said.

The county’s full motion for station can be read here.

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