HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Friends of a Grand Strand bar owner found dead in Myrtle Beach say the community is feeling a great loss.

Martin “Marty” Mullin owned several bars in Horry and Georgetown counties, including Murphy’s Law in Surfside Beach and Carolina Forest.

“I was always impressed that he had as much free time as he did considering the amount of businesses that he owned, but he had a real talent of finding good people to run his businesses so that he didn’t have to spend his entire life there,” said Marc Williams, friend of Mullin for more than a decade.

Williams described Mullin as a business man with a big heart and a dedicated husband and father who worked to serve his family.

“He loved his family and everyone knows that. Nobody will ever deny that. He loved his family,” Williams said.

Friends say Mullin dedicated decades of his life to his bars and to the customers who fill their seats.

“That’s the one thing he understood that without locals his business would be nothing and that’s the one thing that I believe he had going in his favor that some local businesses did not,” Williams said.

Williams said Mullin’s workload was heavy and was always surprised at how much free time he was able to balance.

“He had people that did a good job for him so that he was able to enjoy his life and enjoy his wife and children instead of slaving away inside all of his businesses. That in itself says a lot. Whenever you can find people that can work for you. That you trust enough to leave the business while you go out and enjoy your life and actually live a little bit,” Williams said.

Friends say they will miss Mullin’s fun spirit the most and hope his legacy will live on through his family and staff.

“Someone who’s been around town that long and had businesses as long as he’s had them here. The city will never forget him and we’ll always remember the good times with him,” said Williams.

Myrtle Beach police say Mullins was found dead at a home in the Market Common on Friday following a burglary call. Officials have not said how Mullin died, but tell News13 he did not live at the home.