MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A local band called McGuire is made of Caleigh, Kristen, and Taylor McGuire, who were all born and raised in Myrtle Beach. Now, they’re getting the chance to perform at the Carolina Country Music Fest for the first time. 

The three sisters began singing and playing music when they were toddlers. “We were just three years old and we started picking up little guitars, and tambourines and stuff,” said Kristen McGuire. “I used to play this old piano we had in our living room.” 

Kristen and Taylor are 24-year old twins who attended Socastee High School. Kristen plays the keyboard, while Taylor strums her guitar. Their younger sister, Caleigh, is 19 and sings lead. She attended St. James High. All of the girls agreed one of the biggest factors in their success as a local band is their parents. “They’ve been so supportive of us since we were little kids,” said Kristen.

McGuire entered and won a local music competition, and that’s how they became a part of the 2018 CCMF lineup. “This is the biggest thing we’ve done to date,” said Kristen. They said the feeling was surreal when the winner was announced. “It was crazy and we were so excited! ” said Taylor. “It’s just that really cool feeling that’s almost indescribable,” said Caleigh.

McGuire started performing as a group six years ago, and since then, they’ve taken their music to Charleston, North Carolina, Florida, Connecticut, and Nashville; now, they can check CCMF off their bucket list. The girls said performing at CCMF is going to be a lot of fun, but the excitement probably won’t let them get any sleep over the weekend. 

As for the future, the McGuire girls are moving to Nashville in July to continue pursuing a career in music. “We would love to work with some songwriters in Nashville and get on a tour,” said Caleigh. “That’s kind of our big goal at the moment.” 

If you want to catch McGuire at CCMF, they’ll be performing Friday night on the Blue Moon Sound Stage at 6:30. They’ll be at RipTydz at 11 a.m. on Saturday, and back at CCMF on Sunday at 5:30. For a full lineup of CCMF performers, go to your app store and download the “CCMF 2018” app.