MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)–A new cotton candy business is drawing in customers on the Grand Strand after gaining attention through social media.

Last week, twin sisters Katelyn and Kristyn Cromer launched their new business called Beachside Fluff. And after just one post to a local Facebook group, their business is already taking off.

“It’s been awesome having people reach out to us,” Katelyn said. “We’ve had a lot of businesses, and the support we’ve gotten from it is insane.”

The 22-year-old sisters, along with their mother, Janella Pryce, wanted to do something outside of the box to make their business stand out.

“The inspiration was just to have something fun and unique,” Pryce said.

Their gourmet fluff is far from the ordinary with more than 30 different flavors. They also offer 20 different toppings.

“You’re not just getting a cotton candy like you would at a carnival,” Pryce said. “We’re adding unicorn sprinkles, M&M’s, we [have] suckers we stick on the top. We spin it on rock candy. We do all different kinds of things.”

However, their idea didn’t come without a little trial and error.

“That’s been the interesting part, finding different toppings that stick to the cotton candy and figuring out how big the cotton candy has to be for the toppings to stick,” Kristyn said. “So, that’s been an interesting process.”

If that’s not enough to get your mouth watering, Beachside Fluff is also mobile.

“We can travel to birthday parties, weddings.” Pryce said. “We could do community parties, we could go to apartment complexes when they have their little get-togethers. So we’re mobile. We can go pretty much anywhere.”

As their business continues to grow, so has the support they’ve gotten from community members and other businesses.

“It’s been amazing, a lot of great referrals and really nice customers,” Pryce said. “It’s just weird,”

Information about their business is available on Facebook at Beachside Fluff and on Instagram at beachsidefluff.