Two things you should do now in the Myrtle Beach area as we enter the peak of hurricane season

Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — As we enter the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, The American Red Cross urges families to stay prepared.

The most recent natural disaster, Hurricane Ida, forced thousands out of their homes and into shelters with the Red Cross.

“We have, you know, over a couple dozen volunteers that are deployed whether that’s down in the Gulf Coast helping with Ida – up in the Northeast helping with Ida,” Ben Williamson with the Red Cross said.

He said natural disasters are getting larger and happening more frequently due to climate change. “Climate change and the impact it has on disasters impacts our work directly,” Williamson said.

He said the growing issue poses even more challenges as COVID-19 keeps volunteer numbers low.

“These storms pop up so frequently and at any point, at any week it could be us,” Williamson said. With National Preparedness Month underway, he encourages families to have a plan before hurricane warnings are issued.

“Specifically for Myrtle Beach, I would say focus on two things. One, focus on the fact that you have some sort of go-bag ready to go,” Williamson said. He said that bag should have a medical kit, food, and water for at least five days.

Secondly, Williamson says to have a plan.

“We’re hoping that families take the 5-10 minutes and have a conversation with their family,” he said. Williamson said the organization has worked with Horry County to ensure there are enough emergency shelters in case of evacuation orders.

Although there are enough shelters for the county, volunteers are stretched thin. He encourages families to prepare now and those who are able to register for volunteer opportunities.

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