Veterinarians see more cases of Parvo virus, a highly-contagious and deadly virus in dogs, during spring months.

Although Parvo can be passed between dogs year round, because puppy season is during the spring, veterinarians tell News13, this is the most common time of year for the virus.

Symptoms of Parvo are similar to that of intestinal parasites; vomiting, lethargy and loss of appetite.

One veterinarian tells News13, puppies are more susceptible to the virus because their immune systems are not as strong and they may not have received the vaccine yet.

The Parvo vaccine is a part of the core set all dogs are supposed to get starting around six to eight weeks old. Isabelle Ying, a veterinarian at the Myrtle Beach Animal Hospital tells News13, many people opt for over the counter vaccines for their pets. She said it’s best to get vaccines from a vet because the efficacy of over the counter vaccines can’t be guaranteed.

Ying tells News13 she sees more cases here than in other parts of the country and just last week saw five cases of the virus.

“It’s extremely difficult to kill, so it can take up to a year in the ground before the virus itself starts to die, which makes it super contagious and the prevalence in this area a big, big deal,” Ying said.