‘Walls of Love’ providing Myrtle Beach-area residents with snacks, toiletries, other basic necessities

Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The nonprofit group Walls of Love is touching lives in Myrtle Beach by providing snacks and toiletries for people in need.

Holly Jackson, who was once homeless, is on a mission to create Walls of Love across the nation.

“I just said to myself, I wish there was some magic place where people could just go to a wall and go get something without being judged,” Jackson said.

Jackson lives in Clevland, Ohio, but her impact is being felt across the country as she fills plastic zipper bags with diapers, toiletries, and a whole lot of love. Her latest stop was near Beach Church in Myrtle Beach.

“People are learning that people are just one major catastrophe, one major incident, one major pandemic, so to speak, away from being in the same kind of situation,” Jackson said.

In a little more than two years, Jackson has turned 996 fences into Walls of Love across 21 states. More than 320,000 people have been helped so far, she said.

“I hope it stays,” said Jackie Woodard, a receptionist at Beach Church. Woodard, who drives by the fence on her way to work, said she was touched by the initiative.

“If it can’t stay by them locally hopefully people will catch that and join on with them,” Woodard said. It’s an effort thatJackson said is 100% supported by community donations.

“We, together as a community, are changing lives,” Jackson said. “There’s no money value to that.

According to Jackson, people from North Myrtle Beach to Florence have reached out about volunteering to keep the wall. She said veterans are the largest group of people who are homeless, and the pandemic has sparked a greater need for donations.

“So people are finding, that they, you know, didn’t need help before, but they do now,” Jackson said. “You know the monies that they had in the bank or things that they had saved, or even the job that they had, is no longer helping them,” she said.

Jackson said she hopes people living along the Grand Strand will volunteer and donate to the effort.

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