What you need to know about rising pollen counts

Grand Strand

If you have reached for the allergy medication already this season, you’re not alone.

With spring seven days away, pollen counts are increasing and people are feeling the affects. 

One Grand Strand allergist tells News13, more patients are starting to come into his office and allergy symptoms from pollen can be so severe, it can feel like the flu.

While South Carolina is typically famous for its Palmetto trees, this time of year, they are not the ones making headlines. Doctors say though the pollen from pine trees is large enough for us to see, it is not the only pollen causing allergies.

“It’s usually the stuff you can’t see that causes most of the allergies,” Dr. Joseph Moyer said. “This time of year it’s the cedar, the alder and a little bit later the oak kicks in,”

Dr. Moyer says there are three ways to prevent yourself from pollen allergens: avoidance, antihistamines and immune therapy.

Although avoidance can be difficult, he says things as simple as keeping your windows closed on nice days or staying indoors during early morning hours can help tremendously.

He also recommends taking an antihistamine year round to help prevent symptoms from setting in, as immune therapy is only used in severe cases.

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