When was your student’s bus last repaired? Myrtle Beach-area districts performed thousands of fixes last year

Grand Strand

FILE – Yellow School Bus in a District Lot Waiting to Depart

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — Thousands of repairs were conducted on Pee Dee and Grand Strand-area buses last year, according to records obtained by News13.

The records show repairs that occurred as a result of routine bus inspections, with fixes ranging from routine maintenance to more extensive repairs. Repairs included replacing foam padding on seats, fixing engine components and replenishing fluids.

Buses are listed by number, with inspection dates and a summary of repairs included.

Under state law, school buses are checked annually and quarterly, in addition to checks before and after each route. Buses can also be inspected at any time by the State Transport Police or inspection forces. 

Buses are not allowed to be used if an inspection uncovers an unsafe condition. 

The daily inspections look at the interior and exterior of the bus for issues, which are reported to the bus maintenance shop. Quarterly inspections are more detailed and are performed by the bus shop manager, who examines a bus’s engine compartments, the undercarriage and the bus’s interior and exterior. During the annual inspections, the bus is completely checked and any minor or major issues are repaired.

One-fifteenth of a district’s bus fleet is scheduled to be replaced every year, according to state law.

The Horry County Schools fleet has about 375 buses, some of which are owned by the state, and some of which are owned by the district, and is 10 years old, according to Lisa Bourcier, a spokeswoman for the district. 

“HCS attempts to maintain our fleet assigned to daily routes in line with the Department of Education’s fifteen-year replacement cycle,” Bourcier said in a written statement.

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