Women’s rights activists rally for reproductive freedom in Myrtle Beach amid nationwide protests

Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Hundreds of activists rallied Saturday at Chapin Memorial Park in Mrytle Beach in support of abortion rights throughout the country.

“If you can’t make your own decisions about your body, then how can you even say you’re free?” Ashlyn Brierre, the lead organizer and co-founder of the nonprofit Grand Strand Action Together, said.

Abortion-rights advocates across the U.S. are protesting efforts that restrict abortion access. Specifically, they’re upset over a law recently put in place by Texas that bans the procedure as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.

“I’ve been marching for abortion rights since pre–Roe v. Wade. I’m over it,” Susan Whitlow, a rally participant, said.

Grand Strand Action Together, helped organize Saturday’s rally at Chapin Memorial Park. Hundreds of similar protests took place Saturday in every U.S. state.

“We seem to not get as much national attention, so I thought it was really important to make sure there was at least one event happening here in South Carolina,” Brierre said.

Several participants spoke at the rally, including 15-year-old Merritt Yoder.

“It is embarrassing that I, as a teenager, have to stand here today and demand that I get the right to choose and we get the rights to our own bodies,” she said.

Not everyone agreed.

“It’s sad that they’re denying that babies inside the womb are not human, and don’t deserve human rights,” said Amy Ritter, a pro-life advocate. “I don’t know what justice there is for abortion when we know scientifically when life begins.”

Brierre said the rally was a way for people to be more open and less judgmental about the process.

“I have no problem with people being personally against it for themselves,” she said. “What you do doesn’t affect me, and what I do doesn’t affect you,” she said.

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