Worst part of tree pollen season sticks around

Grand Strand

Pollen season began weeks ago, but pollen counts continue to remain moderate to very high each day. One Myrtle Beach allergist says it’s tough to predict the length and severity of a pollen season, before it’s over.

Dr. Mark Schecker of Coastal Carolina Allergy and Asthma says pollen symptoms can have a major effect on the body. 

“It can make you miserable, it can make you fatigued, have difficulty sleeping, waking up, wiped out,” Schecker said.

For Myrtle Beach resident William Perry, who suffers from a pollen allergy, has experienced some of these serious symptoms.

“Coughing, runny nose, I even started spitting out blood,” he said. “Thursday, I went to the doctor, it scared the heck out of me. Had my lungs checked, everything’s clean. It’s just the allergy.”

Schecker says pine pollen, large and visible, will disappear around April.

“I have my car in the garage and I’ll go to church and come home and it’s full of pollen,” said Perry. “It’s crazy, you know.”

Other kinds of pollen like that from oak and elm trees could stick around for at least another month.

“Pollen from other hardwood trees that are around, like oak and elm and walnut trees,” said Schecker. “Those pollens, you can’t see, they’re microscopic, they float in the air, and they cause most of the allergy problems that people are having.”

He says pine pollen is bad this season, but we won’t know if it’s worse than other seasons, until it’s over.

“It’s only usually looking back that you can tell that over time, because conditions may change, depending on how warm and mild it is, how much rain we get,” said Schecker.

Schecker says everyone has different allergy medications that work best for them, and not everyone responds to over-the-counter allergy pills.

If that’s the case, he recommends trying other remedies like nasal spray, or seeing an allergist to help figure out what’s best for you.

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