Hearing held for man accused in deadly bank robbery in Conway


A hearing was held Wednesday for Brandon Council, the man accused of killing two bank employees in a 2017 bank robbery in Conway. 

According to court documents, a judge rejected a motion to suppress statements made by Council. A motion to “strike non-statutory aggravating factors or in the alternative for other relief” was taken under advisement.

Earlier court document revealed Council admitted to the murders.

Bank video shows Council approach a teller and speaks with her briefly. “Council then pulls a firearm, points it at the teller and shoots her multiple times,” court documents state. “Council then jumps over the teller counter. Council is also captured locating a second female employee of the bank who was hiding underneath a desk. Upon finding her, the video captured Council shooting the employee multiple times as she attempts to hide under the desk.”

Council’s trail is set to begin in September 2019. 

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