MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The parents and sister of missing woman Heather Elvis held a press conference Friday afternoon to speak on the murder charges against Sidney and Tammy Moorer being dropped in Heather’s case.

While the Myrtle Beach and surrounding community learned the charges would be dismissed Thursday, the Elvis family says they were not surprised by the development in their daughter’s case.

“We actually found out earlier than the last 24 hours,” said Debbi Elvis on receiving the news that murder charges against the Moorers would be dropped. “The Solicitor’s office has been really kind in keeping us informed of what they were doing.”

Debbi Elvis says while there is a bit of discouragement in knowing the most severe charges have been dropped against the Moorers, she is somewhat relieved to not have to relive the tragedy of her daughter’s disappearance.

“It’s very disappointing that the murder charges are dropped,” admits Debbi Elvis. “But I also think there were things I wasn’t looking forward to – sitting in a courtroom, listening to, in that aspect.”

Debbi Elvis goes on to address the question so many have asked since the news Thursday was released in reference to why charges were dismissed.

“Please don’t make assumptions and don’t have ideas about why [prosecutors] did it,” she urges. “Someone asked me if it was something to do with the judge, if it was his fault, and no, it’s not. It has nothing to do with the judge. It’s the prosecution getting ready to do their case and making decisions, and this just happens to be the decision they made.”

Also at the press conference was Heather’s sister, Morgan Elvis. She says that after more than two years, people seem to longer have faith that Heather will be found.

“It’s become that she’s no longer a person,” says Morgan Elvis. “She’s now a face on a poster. She is a name that people just say in mourning, or say in pity. And, I hate that. Nobody has faith anymore that there’s going to be a conclusion.”

Terry Elvis, Heather’s father, commented on the charges the Moorers still face in connection with the case and the future of seeking justice.

“Keep in mind that a Grand Jury did indict the ones that were accused. Those indictments are still there, not all of them, but they’re still there. If they didn’t think they had the right person, you wouldn’t get an indictment,” says Terry Elvis.

“It’s not something you give up faith over,” adds Terry Elvis. “We’re never giving up faith. Don’t give up faith.”