Heather Sims’ case remains up in air after voluntary manslaughter reversal


The case of Heather Causey-Sims’ overturned voluntary manslaughter conviction remains up in the air.

She was convicted in 2015, in the 2013 death of her husband, David Sims.

Although the conviction was reversed Wednesday, the case isn’t over yet. Causey-Sims’ attorney, Morgan Martin, visited her last week and says she is in good spirits.

“Obviously she was happy about the news of this ruling, but she’s still cautiously waiting on the process to move forward,” said Martin.

The South Carolina Attorney General’s office may ask the Court of Appeals to rehear the case.

“We’re asking them to reconsider the ruling that it was incorrect to give the voluntary manslaughter charge, and throwing that out,” said Robert Kittle, Communications Director for the SC Attorney General’s office.

If it does reconsider, the appeal will be sent to the South Carolina Supreme Court.

That means Causey-Sims could be in prison until a decision is made. 

“If they decide not to continue on to the Supreme Court, then there’s nothing to hold her in prison, she should be released at any time,” said Jimmy Richardson, Horry County’s solicitor.

“I’m assuming in a month or two we’ll have an idea as to what direction the case will go from here,” said Martin.

Until then, Martin says they will just have to wait and see how the Attorney General’s office decides to move forward.

Both Sims and Causey families declined to comment until after a decision is made by the Attorney General’s office.

Heather Causey-Sims’ attorney says the reversal was a step in the right direction, and if it’s left undisturbed, they look forward to her being released from custody.

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