Heroes 4 Hire donating masks


Character costume supplier, Heroes 4 Hire, is turning capes into cloth masks for healthcare workers.

Since the coronavirus has prohibited families from booking characters for parties, the team of four started out making cloth masks from fabric they would normally use to make costumes.

Within a month, Heroes 4 Hire have made a nearly 2,200 masks. 1,400 of those masks were donated to medical workers throughout the Grand Strand.

The group hosted it’s third donation event on Tuesday afternoon at Poppy’s Burgers and Subs in Murrells Inlet.

Heroes 4 Hire is selling masks to the community in order to donate more masks to healthcare workers. Every ten dollar donation supplies the materials to make three additional masks for those on the front lines.

Sponsors, Pool Medic and Poppy’s Burgers and Subs provided a free hot dog with every donation. Matt Hayward, founder of Heroes 4 Hire, says hand-stitching masks wasn’t easy in the beginning.

“We went from only being able to do 30 masks in a day to now we’re able to break out 100 to 120 masks easy,” Hayward said.

He also mentioned the importance of everyone wearing a mask in public is to not only help prevent the spread of Covid-19 within the community, but to also prevent the spread nationwide.

“It’s about taking care of each other,” Hayward explained.

“By taking care of each other we can take care of this entire community, which takes care of the entire state, which takes care of the entire country and that’s how we grow and get out of this.”

For online donations and mask purchases visit Heroes 4 Hire on Facebook.

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