As the Waccamaw River continues to rise, floodwaters have already engulfed roads and homes in parts of Conway, including the Pitch Landing area.

Pitch Landing Road is currently filled with about five feet of water, starting about a mile from where it intersects with Hwy 701. The flooding extends for several miles down the road and into surrounding neighborhoods. 

Jason Ouellette lives by the Waccamaw River, right off Pitch Landing Road. At the moment, he can only access his home with a boat.

“Sunday night into Monday it got a little worse and worse. And it kinda flashed on Monday night. It gained a foot and half in a matter of hours. It’s basically been sitting there and creeping up since,” he said.

Oullette and his family evacuated to Surfside Beach earlier in the week. Hurricane Matthew flooding forced his family out of their home for almost a month, and he’s worried this time it may be for longer. He said leaving home has been hardest on his 5-year-old daughter

“She’s missing it. She’s just wanting to come home every night. Wants to come home and sleep in her own bed,” he said. 

Luckily, Oullette’s home made it out of Matthew with no serious damage since it is on stilts. However, with the Waccamaw expected to rise above Matthew levels, he said he’s, “nervous. Nervous that it’s gonna wash something out. I’m worried about the trees because you know they hold on to the ground. The ground is soaking wet. A little breeze is gonna blow big trees over.”

Yet, Oullette said he’s more concerned for his neighbors whose homes are lower to the ground.

“It’s sad. Lot of these people they’re older. Some of them have medical conditions. I think everyone went ahead and got out this time around,” he said.