Horry County Mosquito Control to spray for pests; here’s where and why


HORRY COUNTY, SC(WBTW) – Horry County Mosquito Control will conduct an aerial treatment in the Green Sea area near Highway 76 and also in Longs near Highway 905 on Monday between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Recent heavy rain and standing water in unusual areas has caused a delay in mosquito treatment in the county.

One way the department determines which areas need treatment is simply standing in a certain area while observing how many mosquitoes land on them.

“We’re counting how many a minute that land on us or how many bites we take,” James Brock with Horry County Mosquito Control explained. “So once a double-digit threshold is met per acreage, that’s when the decision is made,’ Brock said.

Horry County Mosquito Control conducts ground-level treatment every Monday – Thursday in the evenings. A treatment can not be conducted if wind speeds are higher than 10mph or if it is raining.

When mosquito breeding grounds are too large or difficult to reach on ground-level, small airplanes are used to quickly attack the insects.

Per acre, less than one ounce of pesticide is finely misted in designated areas avoiding honey bee hives. Brock assures treatment, whether on or above land, isn’t harmful to people or pets.

“We’re governed as to how much we’re putting out and we stay within those guidelines,” Brock said. “We are in those guidelines. As a matter of fact, we are under what they recommend [because] we only want to put enough to do what we need to do with it,” he explained.

Horry County is the home to 60 different mosquito species. Brock says checking around your home for large or small amounts of standing water is a tremendous help to eliminating breeding grounds.

He suggests removing water from flowerpots, birdbaths, children’s toys and even boats.

Mosquito repellent is also recommended when outside during peak hours for mosquito activity which is at dusk and dawn.

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