Horry County Police Department settles with Jane Doe before trial


CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – The case for Jane Doe versus the Horry County Police Department has ended in a settlement before going to trial.

According to James B. Moore III, attorney for Jane Doe, he and lawyers for Horry County came to an agreement before the case went to a jury trial Tuesday afternoon.

The trial was scheduled to begin Monday, but was delayed because no judge was available to hear the case. Jane Doe settled both her state and federal cases against the police department, according to her lawyer.

It is not known at this time what the settlement is worth, but News13 has requested the settlement documents from Horry County government.

Jane Doe is the first of five women who claim former detective Allen large abused her. Large worked for HCPD until he was fired last year after a sexual harassment complaint.

News13 learned last week that a new motion was filed by the attorney for Jane Doe that claimed the Horry County Police Department knew about former detective Large’s inappropriate contact with women as early as 2003.

Reporters were told Monday morning that jury selection for the trial would begin Tuesday, but following the settlement, no jurors were needed.

The claims and lawsuits against former detective Large and the Horry County Police Department have been piling up since December 2015. The lawsuits, six in total against the police department, and five specifically naming Large, claim Large either sexually assaulted, had inappropriate relations with, or acted inappropriately by using his position of power against the women. What’s more, the motion suggests the county knew about Large’s actions and did nothing to correct his behavior.

The document, filed by Jane Doe’s attorney, points to a letter from 2003 claiming the department and county knew about Large’s actions, and they were working diligently to protect the detective.

The motion requested that a partial judgement be awarded to Jane Doe.

The letter cited as evidence was addressed to former Deputy Chief Scott Rutherford, former Chief Paul Goward, former Internal Investigator Captain Charlotte Stephens, and former Horry County Council Chairman T. Cooper.

While it’s not clear who wrote the letter, it is noted within court documents that the author met with the Horry County Police Department and the writer claims the county protected Large’s actions, writing, “we were already alerted to the fact that the police department would probably do everything in its power to protect one of their own.”

News13 reached out to three of the noted recipients on the letter – Rutherford, Goward, and Stephens – but none of them responded to our request for a comment or interview.

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