MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – In a Positively Carolina story, the Horry County Police introduced its newest and cutest members to the department.

The HCPD has added K-9’s Reba and Pepper, two adorable Bloodhound puppies to their team. Just like any puppy, the sisters are full of energy and love to play.

The sisters will be in training for a year before they can head out into the field. The department said it has a total of seven Bloodhounds in the unit now, including Reba and Pepper.

“Kind of hard to figure out her personality right now yet. They are puppies and they are going to play a lot. Both of the puppies came out of Kentucky out of Bluegrass Bloodhounds which they work hand in hand with the Jimmy Rice Center which does the grants for law enforcement,” Sergeant Justin Miller with HCPD said.

The department said one of its Bloodhounds recently died. It is also a way to budget for new Bloodhounds so that new dogs are trained by the time others are ready to retire. Police said Bloodhounds have heightened abilities and a strong sense of smell that can trace missing people, criminals and evidence.

“They will get a scent of an article of clothing, car seat, a bed sheet or pillow case,” K-9 handler Joshua Soles said.

Police said with more bloodhounds and K-9’s, it’s a way to help grow the team and protect the community.