Horry County’s back-to-school options explained in simple terms


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – Ken Richardson, chairman of the Horry County Board of Education, has explained the two options for parents in simply terms:

Option 1: Brick and Mortar School

This will be based solely on SC DHEC’s recent disease activity report released on every Monday for the following week. In the Aug. 3 report, all counties were rated high.

  • If report says spread rate is low, then 5 days face-to-face.
  • If report says spread rate is medium, then 2 days face-to-face and 3 days virtual. Teachers can bring their children to their classroom with principal approval.
  • If report says spread rate is high, then 5 days virtual. Teachers can bring their children to their classroom with approval.

It can change weekly based on the report.

When hybrid school is in place, the plan is that all children in the same family will be going to school on the same day.

In the Aug 3 report, all counties are designated high

Request for kids to not bring book bags to help speed up the search process of coming into the building. If a book bag is needed, please make it clear in order to speed up the process as well.

Pre-Screening is asked to be done by parents every morning. If child is showing any symptoms of COVID, they should not attend. Attendance office will work with each situation.

Face masks are required except during lunches and physical activities. Any 504 and IEP team can work with school and nurse if child isn’t able to wear a mask. Field trips will be discouraged. Virtual field trip options are available. No assemblies or performances yet.

Water fountains will be turned off, so children will be encouraged to bring their own water bottle. Food will no longer be “self-service.” Instead food will be individually wrapped, boxed, etc.

Recesses will asked to be staggered to reduce the amount of children on the equipment at one time, and this will also provide them time to sanitize equipment. No personal equipment brought from home allowed.

  • Bathroom breaks will be staggered
  • Bus riders will be required a face mask.
  • Buses will be at max of 67% capacity.
  • Buses will have a seating chart in order for contact tracing, if needed.

Option 2: K-12 virtual

5 days a week, virtually taught by HCS teachers.

Can do extracurricular at their home school based on the spread rate.

“Students are expected to attend online class sessions, complete class activities, submit class assignments, and take all assessments. Participating in online small group instruction or individual sessions will be required unless otherwise assigned by the teacher. Learning platforms will provide instant course participation data such as time on task, assignment completion progress, assessment scores, and overall course average.”

Start date: Sept 8th

Spokesperson for the SC Department of Education Ryan Brown confirmed Wednesday the state received the proposal and could have a decision on approval or rejection as early as next week.

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