Hospital staff creating hand sanitizer spray


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – McLeod Health staff is offering curbside pickup for their patients to pick up and drop off prescriptions. They are also working towards creating hand sanitizer.

As soon as the staff heard that there’s a hand sanitizer shortage they came together to make a hand sanitizer spray. The staff is currently producing four ounce bottles for a retail price of $4. If you want to purchase the spray you may utilize the curbside pickup.

Simply drive into the parking area located on the cancer treatment side of McLeod and call the number on the signs in front. After you call the number a staff member will come out to your car and give you you’re prescription or take you drop off.

Director of McLeod outpatient pharmacy Kim Reich says they have changed the curbside pickup hours from 9am-6pm to 7am-7pm in order to better cater to their patients needs.

“I have to say I never thought when I went to pharmacy school and later went to compounding school I never thought we’d be helping to aid in something as big as this,” says Reich.

Pharmacist Kim Reich says the staff is hopeful all supplies needed to create the hand sanitizer spray will be in by the end of this week so they can get it out as soon as possible.

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