House seat vacated by Alan Clemmons up for grabs, republican candidates runoff Tuesday


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Republican candidates Mark McBride and Case Brittain will face off Tuesday in the Horry County special election.

The District 107 House of Representatives seat is now open after Alan Clemmons announced his resignation last month.

There is one issue that both candidates agree on and that’s increasing funding for public safety officials in the City of Myrtle Beach.

Both candidates grew up in Myrtle Beach and have seen a lot of changes over the years. Hoping to make a difference, McBride and Brittain both expressed concerns for public safety.

“We also need to prioritize raising the pay for our public safety first responders,” Brittain explained. “We just need to try to lock down on some of the areas that’s been prevalent and make sure that those people feel safe and protected,” he said.

Although he believes this is an issue that needs to be addressed, he doesn’t want to point fingers, but instead build bridges with the right people.

McBride believes the Myrtle Beach area Chamber of Commerce should allocate more money towards public safety officials.

“They’re more concerned with funding the special interests, which is the Myrtle Beach area Chamber of Commerce’s advertising budget than putting money for public safety,” McBride explained. “The first responsibility of any level of government – the first responsibility is public safety and taking care of the people”

Leading up to the election Myrtle Beach City Councilmen John Krujc and Gregg Smith showed support for Brittain on Facebook.

For years, Brittain, who prides himself on being honest, has practiced law at his own firm. His experience as an attorney, he said, has taught him the importance of working together with others.

“I admire Mark McBride and his dedication to service,” Brittain explained. “I think over time you have seen that he does not play well with others. Which is fine if you are trying to work on a small scale. I’m trying to work on a grander scale.”

McBride who served on Myrtle Beach City Council for two terms believes his experience as mayor gives him an advantage.

His conservative fiscal record, he said, proves that he’s best fit for the house seat. McBride expressed concerns about Brittain’s commitment to the Republican Party.

“I just question how you can spend $40,000 as a republican candidate and be funding democrats to run against your own party,” McBride said. “As a candidate – that’s okay, I mean you can contribute to everybody but when you become a candidate, you really ought to stand on your party platform.”

Residents who live in District 107 can check their polling precinct and have until 7 tonight to vote.

Polls will open at 7am.


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