How local restaurants are combatting the rise of S.C. coronavirus cases


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Local restaurants are combatting the virus outbreak by taking additional measures to make sure their businesses stay clean. Some restaurant managers and employees are letting their customers know if they choose to eat out, their food is in good, clean hands.

“We usually keep all our shakers like parmesan, crushed red pepper, oregano right over here,” MOD Pizza’s store manager, Madison Slater said.

Customers at MOD pizza in Myrtle Beach are waiting for their order hot out of the oven. Before digging in, they reach for a condiment shaker to find the shelves are empty.

“We have pulled all of that and are keeping it behind our expo station and handing it to customers with a gloved hand. After every time we change our gloves, we are washing our hands,” Slater said.

Franchise owners are telling their restaurants to take precautions for the coronavirus outbreak as South Carolina cases are on the rise. MOD pizza has pulled other items touched frequently by customers.

“When we first pulled everything from our counters, customers were a little bit angry at first because they didn’t understand what was going on,” Slater said.

A sign now hangs where plates, silverware, and parmesan shakers used to sit. Customers are directed behind the counter for their condiments, where employees say, customers thank them for taking the extra precaution.

That’s not all the company is doing. “We have hand sanitizer out for customers to make sure everything feels safe along with cleaning anything with handles- bathroom, front door, back door,” Slater said.

Employees handling money are immediately washing their hands and say they are continually going through new gloves. The store manager says the restaurant has seen other impacts as well.

“We’ve noticed an increase in our online delivery orders,” Slater said as customers are still ordering from their restaurants. Employees are seeing more orders over the phone for pick up, and others are eliminating contact completely by requesting delivery.

The manager said customers don’t seem too worried yet, but her staff is anticipating that. As a manager, Slater said it’s part of her job to help keep the public safe and hopes other restaurants are taking the same action.

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