How to protect yourself from mosquitoes, it’s National Mosquito Control Awareness Week


photo courtesy of Horry County Government Facebook

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – In honor of National Mosquito Control Awareness Week, the Horry County government has offered a few tips on how you can eliminate mosquito breeding sites around your home or place of business.

Look for any place that standing water can collect. Empty water-filled containers regularly, such as pet dishes or birdbaths. Turn containers upside down or remove them from exposure to rain.

Put a barrier between you and mosquitoes, such as window screens (kept in good repair) and mosquito-proof clothing and bedding. If you’re going to be outdoors, use insect repellent and avoid common hiding places such as high grass and dense underbrush. Avoid wearing perfume and scented products and wear light-colored clothing.

For more information on Mosquito Control Awareness Week and how you can protect yourself and your family, visit Horry County Stormwater’s website.


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