Former North Myrtle Beach athlete turned NFL star reflects on the death of Officer Gore

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CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – After Lance Corporal Melton “Fox” Gore died in the line of duty Tuesday, Temarrick Hemingway — a former North Myrtle Beach football player turned NFL tight end — reflected on their relationship.

“He’s been around North Myrtle Beach High School for years, even when I was in middle school and I used to always come up to him on the bus and he used to always stick around the hallways or you would catch him around” Hemingway said. “He was always around, even in the community. He was always involved, anything sports related or anything dealing with the younger generation.”

Hemingway describes Gore as a “key piece” of his success and says he felt like he could open up to him about anything.

“Even when I started my NFL career, I’d come back home over the break and I’d see him and talk to him,” Hemingway said. “He never shot me down or anything like that. He always made me feel open to express myself to him and things like that. I always used him as an outlet, whenever I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone else, I felt like I could go to him and talk to him about certain things that I couldn’t talk to other people about; sports related sometimes, but most of the time it was life related.”

Hemingway said he learned of Gore’s death on Twitter and taking in that news was hard because of the impact Gore had on him.

“He was an amazing model for young adults who are trying to figure themselves out and find their identity within themselves,” Hemingway explained. “He kind of helped me find my identity with not only football, but with life in general and I just always appreciated him for that and I never really got to tell him.”

Hemingway says he believes L/CPL Gore will be remembered for his community-oriented spirit, his involvement in Horry County and the way he cared for the younger generation in North Myrtle Beach.

“Me and him used to talk about how a lot of people had lost their way along the path of figuring out their identities and figuring out who they are; it kind of hurt him in a way because he wants better for everybody,” Hemingway said. “He didn’t want anyone to go through a hard time. He just wanted the best for everyone who came from the area.”

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