‘I will NOT resign:’ Horry Co. treasurer who attended D.C. rally responds to threats, harassment


Angie Jones (Source: Horry County Government website)

HORRY CO, SC (WBTW) — The Horry County treasurer who attended the “Stop the Steal” protest in D.C. on the day of the riots says she has received threats and harassment leveled against her every day.

“For those who don’t understand let me say this one more time. I will NOT resign. THE END,” Horry County Treasurer Angie Jones said in a statement on Tuesday. Jones told News13 she was not part of any violence at the Capitol and does not condone violence.

“I have never participated in any violence and I believe that anyone who participated in any violence at the Capitol that day should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Jones said. “I did not witness any violence.”

Jones traveled to the Capitol on her day off to hear President Donald Trump speak and rally for what his supporters called “election fairness.”  She attended the rally from around 8 a.m. until just before noon and watched Trump’s speech from a hotel room.

“I am a conservative Republican and I have supported President Donald J Trump since the day he filed to run for office. I still support him,” said Jones.

“I have received threats and believe it is appropriate to tap down the rhetoric so I will be doing no more interviews. Any questions can be directed to my attorney not because I did anything wrong but to lower the violent threats and harassment which are being leveled against everyday.”

Jones did not use her county credit card for any expenses during her trip. She does not accumulate paid time-off as an elected official and has a state supplemented salary. She says she has been working remotely from home since March and has a staggered schedule with staff – trading off weeks of working in the office. 

“I will make no apologies for exercising my First Amendment right as a United States Citizen. I am the Horry County Treasurer and it is time to get back to the people’s business. I will continue to serve the Horry County Citizens and Taxpayers to the best of my ability.”

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