‘It’s amazing.’ Two-story mural on Charlotte home reminds people to pause, just be happy


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – It is easy to get lost in the hustle of life, but one home in the Elizabeth neighborhood in Charlotte is reminding people to pause and just be happy.

“I was just like walking and I stumbled upon this,” said Keely McRae, who was taking walk.

“Not many houses could really support such an elaborate, um, decoration, but this one really lends itself to that,” said Jane Houston, who was walking with her husband.

“Well, we’ve been trying to remember exactly how it started,” said Nicole Gardner.

While Nicole, and her husband Jerad, can’t exactly remember how it all began, we can all appreciate how it ended.FBI confirms source of oil pipeline ransomware attack, could be back by week’s end 

“We definitely felt like we were crazy, went back a couple of times and finally it was just sort of like, take the plunge. Just do it,” said Jerad.

A two-story mural, painted with only the happy colors, is now the front of their home.  It took Charlotte area artist, Rosalia Torres-Weiner, with Red Calaca Studio, and two others about one week to finish it.

“We’ve had people come by and say it makes them so happy, and that the first time they saw it they wanted to cry. I can’t believe the reactions we’ve gotten to it, it’s amazing,” said Nicole.

And while everyone experiences art, and life, in their own way, their home is now a reminder that happiness is everywhere and sometimes you just have to look for it.

“You know that warm fuzzy feeling that you’re seeing something you’re gravitating towards or something that’s beautiful,” said McRae, talking about how the mural made her feel.

If you’re up for finding the mural, Nicole has a hint. “I would tell them to go to the most fun neighborhood in the city, the place with the coolest people and the coolest neighborhood,” she laughed.

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