Jane Doe 4 files lawsuit against Allen Large, HCPD supervisors


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Evans Moore LLC in Georgetown filed a lawsuit Monday on behalf of Jane Doe-4 alleging a former detective sexually assaulted her and provided her money and access to drugs.

The lawsuit was filed against former detective Allen Large, Horry County, HCPD, Saundra Rhodes, Scott Rutherford, Thomas Delpercio, William Squires and Dale Buchanan.

According to the suit, Jane Doe 4 became addicted to narcotics after graduating high school. In the fall of 2014, the lawsuit alleges that former Horry County Police Detective Allen Large called her cell phone, claiming he got her contact info from a mutual acquaintance. Large reportedly told Jane Doe 4 he was aware of her drug use and wanted to speak with her in her home.

Despite claiming he was concerned for her addiction, Large reportedly gave Jane Doe 4 money and provided transportation to get drugs. Large repeatedly came to the woman’s home, the lawsuit claims, and in October of 2014, Large entered her home and “engaged the plaintiff in a non-consensual, sexual act.”

After that purported forced sex act, Large contacted Jane Doe 4 continuously through January of 2015, demanding she engage in nude fetish catfights. Large’s communication with the woman stopped when he discovered she had checked into a narcotics rehabilitation program in the winter of 2015.

In each encounter Large had with the woman, he was reportedly driving his issued patrol car and wore his HCPD badge and issued firearm.

The lawsuit claims the HCPD supervisors knew of Large’s “inappropriate actions and / or propensity to harm vulnerable women,” but did nothing about it. The suit alleges that the defendants allowed Large to continue to abuse female victims and suspects.

Large’s actions and the inactions of HCPD supervisors, namely, the defendants, resulted in Jane Doe 4 being physically and psychologically injured and “ deprived of the enjoyment of her life.”

Lawyers for Jane Doe 4 allege that because of the abuse endured from Large and through the negligence of listed defendants to prevent Large from harming her, she has incurred “medical bills, and will incur medical bills in the future,” and is therefore due actual, consequential, punitive damages, costs and reasonable attorney fees.

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