Jane Doe 5 settles with Horry County


CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – One of five women who claimed a former Horry County detective harassed her reached a settlement with the county recently.

The settlement agreement and release states the defendant will pay $20,000 to the law firm representing Jane Doe 5.

Court documents dated April 17 reflect the woman known as Jane Doe #5 has “reached a satisfactory resolution of the issues” and wishes to end the current lawsuit against Horry County and the Horry County Police Department. In addition, because the lawsuit has been dropped with prejudice, it cannot be filed again.

The lawsuit filed Jan. 13 by Jane Doe #5 says Allen Large was assigned to an investigation involving her ex-boyfriend in 2014. The lawsuit alleges Large was flirtatious with the victim and kept suggesting that she talk about the case in casual settings, such as over dinner or coffee, but Doe refused the advances. Large allegedly asked Doe if she would wear “sexy outfits” if he bought them and asked her if she would consider “boxing” with another girl. The complaint says Large told Jane Doe #5 he “wanted to turn her into a bad girl.”

Jane Doe 5 is the second woman to settle after the first Jane Doe came to an agreement before going to trial in January.

The claims and lawsuits against former detective Large and the Horry County Police Department have been piling up since December 2015. The lawsuits, six in total against the police department, and five specifically naming Large, claim Large either sexually assaulted, had inappropriate relations with, or acted inappropriately by using his position of power against the women. The lawsuits also suggest the county knew about Large’s actions and did nothing to correct his behavior.

Large worked for the Horry County Police Department until he was fired after a sexual harassment complaint.

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