Lifeguards from across the East Coast travel to North Myrtle Beach to compete


With a shared passion for saving lives, more than 200 lifeguards made their way to North Myrtle Beach to compete in the South Atlantic Atlantic Lifesaving Competition.

“These are the people you want around you, they are calm, composed, and ready for when the emergency arises,” said Tom Gill, Advisor of the South Atlantic Region.

Known as “mama” to a group from Virginia Beach, Nancy Hodges says it’s empowering to lead a group of female lifeguards, because when she was a kid, things were different.

“When I was the age of these fine young people, only young men were allowed to guard in Virginia Beach, and I had to guard at the pool which wasn’t the most fun. So when I got older and I realized I could kind of fulfill a dream, I went for it.” said Hodges.

Aside from building comradery with other life guards from across the East Coast, this annual competition is a chance for guards to set goals for themselves.

They competed in foot races, water races, kayak races, among obstacle courses. This is the fourth time North Myrtle Beach has hosted the event.

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