Little River couple who won $4 million in lottery says they’re looking to ‘buy’ time


LITTLE RIVER, SC (WBTW) – Tuesday, News13 told you a Little River man cashed in big time winning the $4 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Stephen Jones and his wife Rose Jones sat down with News 13 Wednesday, and said they’re still in shock.

“I went in the room, got the ticket, sat back down, looked at it, looked at the phone, looked at the ticket, and just, sat it down and was like there’s no way,” said Stephen.

The two did maintenance and housekeeping for a property manager until this week.

They say after finding out they were millionaires, they decided to retire early.

“To me, it was in the making. I wanted to quit even two weeks before the money got there,” said Stephen.

They are now four million dollars richer, but they say what they’re looking to buy is time.

“We haven’t had the time, at all,” said Rose.

The two say they’re looking at campers and plan to travel around the United States as they enjoy their early retirement.

“Nothing I did earned that money. It’s just being at the right place at the right time. It’s just luck,” said Stephen.

They plan to give some of the money to family and friends, but they say they’ve already invested some into the community.

Wednesday, they say they purchased a property in Cherry Grove, and they will now become property managers themselves.

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