Local designer shares success story at 10th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The 10th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference brought hundreds of women to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, celebrating each other’s accomplishments across the community. Local women shared their success stories including the challenges they faced along the way. 

For one local woman, her heart was set on acting, until an unexpected diagnosis of mercury poisoning that forced her to find an alternative career. Mehera Blum said goodbye to acting and turned hardship into a success story, becoming a well-known designer. 

A group of 850 women attended the WIPL conference and celebration, where notable women from the community and around the world exchange their success stories and inspiration. Blum attended the conference for the first time six years ago, and today she shared her own story. 

“To hear someone else is going through it and be able to encourage each other and support others is so important and it’s really needed and valuable,” Blum said. A collection of unique purses fill an exhibit booth at the conference as Blum brings her start-up business back to her hometown. 

Ten years ago, Terri Decenzo created this event to bring women around our area together, to cheer other women on, celebrate their accomplishments, talk about difficulties, and share our stories. The momentum continues and grows as community leaders speak to women of all ages.

“Even some of the most successful people come in here and share their failures and it resonates with all of us because we all have been there and sometimes I think we look at other people and think we will never be able to get that, we will never get there,” said Terri Decenzo, executive director of Women’s Leadership. 

One theme of the conference was “lead the change.” Leaders encourage women to stand up for who they are and be the voice leading change in their business and personal life. Another theme was “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Leaders discuss how the elimination of fear can be the driver of new opportunities. 

As women mentor each other at this event, leaders at the event say empowerment filled the room. Influential leaders lead future entrepreneurs, businesswomen, doctors, and designers back into the world feeling supported, confident, and motivated to reach their full potential. 

Leaders say bringing women of all ages together and walks of life together is essential for our community to thrive because “the truth is we can, we will, and we do, and we just need to empower each other and celebrate each other,” Decenzo said. 

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