Local disc golf activities gain popularity during COVID-19


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – A new sport is gaining popularity during COVID-19. A local disk golf organization is hosting a tournament at Myrtle Beach’s Arrowhead County Club drawing nearly 100 players this weekend.

Get ready. Get set, aim, and throw. Disc golfers compete while playing what they call the fastest growing sport on Saturday.

“My sister-in-law and I, we went out one day and started playing, and we’ve been stuck ever since,” Amber Matthews, a disc golf player said.

Some players like Amber Matthews have been playing for years. Others picked up the hobby in their free time during the pandemic.

“During COVID-19 and when we were on lockdown, it was pretty much recession-proof. I could not keep frisbees in stock,” Christopher Chapman, Vice President of Myrtle Beach Disc Golf Club said.

Christopher Chapman owns a retail store and runs disc golf events. He is one of several who sees the sport taking off on a new level.

“I honestly think the virus helped it to be honest because it gets you out you don’t necessarily have to be with a big group of people you can just go out yourself and it’s something to do,” Matthews said.

Chapman grew up playing golf and said he knew golf courses close a portion of the greens to aerify and keep the grass healthy. He came across the opportunity to host the non-contact sports tournament at the Arrowhead Country Club.

“We approached it saying we are going to turn a zero revenue time for you guys and generate some revenue for you here,” Chapman said.

The golf course is transformed temporarily into a disk golf course. Instead of a bag full of clubs, disc golfers carry disks similar to frisbees. A basket is placed at each of the nine holes ready to welcome first-timers and experts.

“My husband’s coworkers, they got into it. I packed them a bag of used discs and said go play, do it, it’s fun. It really is,” Matthews said.

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